Tips To Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership

Tips To Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership

timemoneyqualityToday’s economic times are challenging and hard, many small businesses are reluctant to spend money. However, a modest investment in your structure and maintenance can ultimately improve your profitability and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your infrastructure.

Your profit and revenue correlates with the availability and performance of your infrastructure. It’s the backbone of your business. It houses all of your critical applications and allows your employees to communicate, and gives customers access to your goods and services, but how do you reduce the TCO?

Tips to reduce your total cost of ownership:

  • Track your current IT spending so you can manage and control your spending and cash flow.
  • Reduce your infrustracture by standardizing equipment, software platforms and configurations of your network
  • Outsource routine IT functions, such as technical support, data storage and backup, to trusted companies
  • Consider implementing “monitoring services” to your model to more effectively manage and protect your PCs and servers.
  • Build and maintain an accurate inventory of hardware, software and appropriate licenses. Understand the frequency on which software licenses or hardware needs to be refreshed.
  • Seek solutions that can scale up or down with your organization both in size and cost.
  • Consider purchasing your software on a subscription or monthly basis instead of recurring captial expenditures.

Need Assistance in reducing your total cost of ownership?

Finding the right company and fit for your business is no easy task.  There are plenty of solutions out there in helping reduce your TCO. So why not let us help you deploy an easy-to use solution and save money at the same time. Contact us today for more information .


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