5 Tips to Sticking with your Business Goals

5 Tips to Sticking with your Business Goals

GoalSetting290x220 We in business have always strived to set goals and to reach them.  Sometimes it can get a little off track or it might be that the goal is something that is no longer valid for the business. There’s good news though, you don’t have to wait to start over or continue to work on your goals. Below you will find tips to help you with your goals and get you back on track if you have fallen off.


Here are 5 tips to get you back on track:

1.  Know Your “Why’s”
Having goals alone isn’t good enough! If you don’t have specific and impactful reasons for you wanting to achieve your goals, most likely you will not stick to them!

For example, a business may have a goal to increase revenue by 20% in the year. This is a great goal… but why? The answer you might likely hear is that I want to grow my business and the brand itself. After you keep diving deeper, you will get a response of something like this:

” I want to increase the overall revenue of my company to continue the efforts and support that our company offers.  I would like to keep building my brand and reputation to continue to offer new and exciting services that keep customers coming back.”

This sounds great but take the time to figure out what YOUR why’s are and Write them Down. There’s no right or wrong answer – don’t just write something down because someone else said it.  Make sure it resonates and is impactful for you.  That’s what will keep you motivated throughout the year.

2. Break Up Your Goals
Having to wait a year to succeed is a LONG time.  Motivation comes from seeing success though, so if you have to wait a whole year to be successful, it’s natural that your motivation may drain.  That’s why it’s important to break your goals into smaller goals.

However, don’t stop after making 12 monthly goals!  Keep breaking down your first month’s goal into smaller weekly goals.  Finally, break down your first week’s goal until you essentially just created a daily to-do list for yourself that will directly lead you to achieving your yearly goal if you complete it!

3. Keep Reviewing Your Goals
Some business don’t even both writing their goals down and this is a no no. As a result of running a busy business, these goals eventually get shoved to the back of our agenda and end up not achieving any of them.  Don’t let this happen to you.

Write down your goals and make sure to review them at a minimum of once a week, if not more often.

4. Defeat Your Business Excuses Before They Happen
What is the main killer of goals?  Excuses.  It’s human nature to try to convince ourselves to take the path of least resistance and do what’s easiest.  However, what’s easiest 99% of the time isn’t what’s BEST for us!

In order to combat excuses, we need to kill them before they ever happen!

Practicing these tips will help you and your business in achieving your business goals.  Take each in stride and try to formulate a plan to tackle those goals to achieve your business needs. If you continue to make progress with your goals then congrats! if not, there is NO better time than today to start to crush your goals! If you are looking for assistance on finding the best goals for your business, then reach out to Covvo to help with consulting your technology goals.


Damion S. is a Technical Support Consultant for Covvo and an avid blogger, graphic designer, photographer, dj, and music/bike enthusiast. Also the Founder/Creative Director of The Collective Loop and Upscale Geek.


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