XP is Gone but the threat is not

XP is Gone but the threat is not


The end of Windows XP has now passed and so have other Microsoft products, but that doesn’t mean you are safe. Businesses that have yet to upgrade are basically sending an open invitation to Cybercriminals and that is no good for any business.

On April 8th, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates, or “patches,” for its Windows XP operation system. What this means is that any computers running on XP will be largely unprotected against viruses and cyber attacks.

Microsoft has yet to disclose how many small businesses are still currently using Windows XP, Forrester Research estimates about 6% will still be using it by the April deadline.

So what does this mean for your business after the deadline. Not a lot at first, XP will continue to work and function properly, but the risks will keep compounding over time if not replaced. In fact, Microsoft’s own research has shown that Windows XP, released in 2001, is five times more susceptible to viruses and cyber attacks than Windows 8, its newest operating system.

In that being said, let Covvo assist with the transition from Windows XP to a new operating system within your business.  Covvo can help in the structure, implementation, hardware and software procurement and management of your infrastructure.  Don’t leave your business open to cybercriminals.


Damion S. is a Technical Support Consultant for Covvo and an avid blogger, graphic designer, photographer, dj, and music/bike enthusiast. Also the Founder/Creative Director of The Collective Loop and Upscale Geek.


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