5 Trends to Follow for Social Media

5 Trends to Follow for Social Media

socialmediaIn the past there was a time when even the television and personal computer did not exist. We might even conclude that time crept by slowly in all aspects.  But let’s fast forward to just 20 years ago and look at the technological landscape, with computers and mobile on the rise. We can all in some way view the internet as a way of knocking down the door and opening the door to all kinds of new advancements. In these few short years, we’ve gone from large computers with dial-up connections to 4G mobile broadband used to connect to social networks, company websites and whatever else our hearts desire.

It’s kind of mindboggling to think of all the changes that have occurred and businesses of today have recognized that. Business of today have changed a lot due to the Internet, particularly social media, and any brand hoping to reach a wide, active audience should prepare for more changes as we advance.

Here are just a few ways in which the future of business will change – and has changed – because of social media and sites like Twitter and Facebook.

5 Trends to Follow for Social Media

1. The Sales Front:

It may not be apparent but it’s important to understand just how social media impacts your entire sales system, from ways you market to the way you receive payments.  Advertising on Facebook gives you a distinct advantage in the realm of social media. Not only can you narrow your target markets, but there are a slew of apps, protocols and other social features that will allow you to build a large thorough and effective list for driving people into a conversation funnel.  But these types of target markets are not just for Facebook either.  There are multiple venues to achieve this and Covvo can help.

2. Customer Engagement

As a business we all have a website to let our customers drive and engage in our brand via customer service, blogs, Twitter feeds and Facebook pages.  Whether you’re dealing with your customer via customer service or if you’re simply keeping them engaged with your brand it is important to drive these to broaden and build upon your brand via social media.

3. Brand Awareness

Social Media makes it simple to process and reach a much broader scope with your brand in general.  Even if you’re not dealing with strict metrics like your return of investments through ads or other means. Having a wider brand reach can pay off in the long run.  With different social media outlets you have the ability to target fans and customer through mobile methods, and even with new video ads and other features, the ability to increase brand awareness amongst your niche will change for the better as social media evolves.

4. Marketing Demographics

Social media is making it relatively easy to target different demographics for your business. Not only do most social media sites provide the needed tools but they give you a large range of options to target different demographics, but third-party ad management apps also add to the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. As social media advances and mobile becomes a daily part of the landscape, reaching and actually engaging with people from around the world – as in brand-to-customer relationship – will become a significantly large part of a company’s success.

5. Marketing Costs

In the world of marketing via social media, advertising cost are bound to continue to decline.  That doesn’t mean that a lot of ad features won’t move up in price. Organic brand marketing will become more and more effective. Focusing on quality, sharable material, targeting and more interested niche, and giving people more bang for their buck will ensure that you develop an audience without having to spend a fortune.

It’s quite hard to predict exactly how social media is going to change but by following established trends we can get an understanding of where it may head.  If you’re looking to branch out into Social Media marketing or SEO and SMO then contact Covvo today and let us consult and get your business on the right path.




Damion S. is a Technical Support Consultant for Covvo and an avid blogger, graphic designer, photographer, dj, and music/bike enthusiast. Also the Founder/Creative Director of The Collective Loop and Upscale Geek.


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