How to Open a Ticket with Covvo’s Ticketing System

How to Open a Ticket with Covvo’s Ticketing System

Here are Covvo we are always here to assist when requested. A common question that we receive is how do we open a ticket with Covvo’s ticketing system.  Well, I’m here today to answer that question.

There are a few ways in which to open a ticket with Covvo:

1. Call the Service Desk – Call the service desk at (866)894-4715. A service technician will generate a ticket of the problem or issue that you may be having. At this point, they will either help resolve the issue, or work on getting an escalated technician to help troubleshoot the problem.

Covvo Portal

2. Covvo Portal – Login to Covvo’s ticket portal system at and you’ll be able to generate a ticket yourself. If your unsure of your password, input your email address and hit forgot password. This sends an email to your populated email address for a temporary password. If resetting a password doesn’t register with our system, please contact us at  We will then setup an account and send out your requested username and temporary password.


3. Email – This is another option in which to contact Covvo.  Please send an email to and a technician will promptly contact you to address your concerns and generate a ticket.

We are always here to help and make IT managed simply a reality for you and your company.  If your new or interested in any of our services please contact us today.

Damion S. is a Technical Support Consultant for Covvo and an avid blogger, graphic designer, photographer, dj, and music/bike enthusiast. Also the Founder/Creative Director of The Collective Loop and Upscale Geek.


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